Volume2. Issue 1

Volume 02 . Issue 01 (Avril 2023)

1. Determination of the chemical composition of the pectic fractions of myrtle (Myrtus communis L.)

A Chidouh , S Aouadi, A Heyraud, M Cheribot Cherif

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2. Ames test and SOS Chromotest to Evaluate the Genotoxicity Effect of Synthesized Series of Antibacterial Sulfonamides

I Becheker, SE Marref,  MA Melakhessou, M Berredjem, H Berredjem

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3. Hypovitaminosis D in patients with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in the region of Constantine

CY Bechia, S Bensalem,  I Laidouni, S Hadad

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4. Microbial contamination of medicinal plants

S Derbal, EL ouar

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5. Molecular biology for the identification and diagnostic of
Acinetobacter baumannii infections

S Meliani , A Djahoudi, R Menacer

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Volume1. Issue 2

Volume 01 . Issue 02 (August 2022)

1. An overview on antithrombotic compounds derived from natural products

S. Barhouchi , B Barhouchi

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2. Heavy metal contamination of medicinal plants

S. Derbal

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3. Exopolysaccharides from marine bacteria and their pharmaceutical potential

K. Sahli , A. Djekoune

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4. Psychotropic drugs consummation during COVID 19 lockdown

S.Tehami, R.Djaafar, M.C. Benfetima, S. Boudechich, S. Laib, S. Bourass, S.Kamas, F.Z Madoui, M.H Belmahi

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Saad Bouchekioua, Samira Zeroual , Ziad Meras

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Volume1. Issue 1

Volume 01 . Issue 01 (February 2022)

1. Current Diagnostic Methods for COVID-19

L. Boukaous , S. Merabet, M. Bahi

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2. Antimicrobial effects of Nigella sativa L.

S. Derbal, A. Djekoune

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3. Cross transmission species of SARS-COV-2 virus

N. Benzerari, I. El Ouar

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4. Essential Oils for SARS-CoV-2 prevention and treatment: Systematic Review

A. Labed, A. Mansour, H. Bechlem

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5. Investigation of synthetic hospital wastewater treatment: elimination of Ketoprofen bycyclodextrin and photodegradation

A. Keniche, A. Leshaf, A. Khelassi, M. Kadire, O. Kidari

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6. Traditional herbal medicines and natural remedies used for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in Algeria

A. Mansour, H. Bechlem, A. Labed

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